Get ready to implement SF6 free GIS solutions

  • onsdag / 08 maj / 2019
  • 13:40-14:00
  • Scenen Forum för KRAFT


Regulations and environmental penalties makes it more costly to use SF6 gas and the positive business case for SF6 free solutions makes more and more grid operators change technology strategy. The presentation will give insights on the evolution of SF6 regulations in Europe. It will explain the technology & benefits of SF6-free solutions in High Voltage Switchgear based on a mixture of fluoronitrile and CO2 instead of SF6 and it will present experiences from 420 kV SF6 free Gas-Insulated Lines and 145 kV Gas-Insulated Substatons implemented by several European DSOs and TSOs.

Bertrand Portal Senior Marketing GIS General Electric GE Grid Solutions

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